Schedule of Events 

Application Period: 8th Oct – 22nd Oct 2018

Interview Period: Oct-Nov 2018

Interview will be arranged separately after submission of application.

General Information

(i) Recruitment of Project Directors for the following projects:

          1. LE X

1 Project Director and 2 Assistant Project Directors

Main Job Scope:

Kindly note that recruited project directors can discuss and redistribute their responsibilities. Such responsibilities generally include the management of the Project as a whole and the various cells of the organising committee; selection of beneficiaries and management of external partner(s); and sourcing of additional grants and donations, if necessary etc.

In the event that there are not enough suitable candidates for any Special Project, it would be put on hold for this academic year.

(ii) Information on the Special Projects 

            1.     LE X

Love Export (LE) aims to promote service-learning and volunteerism beyond geographical boundaries, facilitate personal development and character building as well as to export the love beyond boundaries to an overseas community.

The project worked with beneficiaries from Sok’s Cambodian Children Village in LE VIII, as well as Care Corner Orphanage Foundation in Sanpatong, Chiang Mai, Thailand in LE IX.

Preparations will start in Nov 2018 and the main phases will occur in May-June 2019.

For general information on LE, please visit and

For detailed information on SLP, kindly refer to LE VIII Report and LE IX Report.           

Application Procedures

If you are interested to run for the Project Director/Assistant Project Director position for any Special Project, you are encouraged to

Kindly send your application to, and include:

Selection Criteria

1.    Proposal

The proposal outline can be found here. Early proposal submissions are appreciated.

2.    Assessment pointers for application

3.    Interview

Recruited Project Directors

The recruited Project Directors will be contacted to go through project plans together with the Vice President (Special Projects) as well as outgoing Project Directors.  

Should you have any queries, please feel free to email

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application!